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Random postings on AutoCAD and other related topics…

  • Article #1 – Principles of CAD Management [published 12-06-2017], by Elliot Gindis
    A CAD manager is truly the person that keeps an architecture or engineering office ticking. This article
    lays out some ideas of what you need to do to perform this duty.
  • Article #2 – A Short Primer on 3D Printing [published 12-07-2017], by Elliot Gindis
    This article lays out the basics of 3D printing and how it specifically relates to its use with AutoCAD.
  • Article #3 – What on Earth are Kernels? [published 12-10-2017], by Elliot Gindis
    A kernel of truth, or a just corny story? This article gives a brief explanation of the purpose and nature
    of the elusive and surprisingly rare 3D modeling kernel.
  • Article #4The Future Of AutoCAD [published 12-12-2017], by Elliot Gindis
    This article explores the not-often-easy-to-predict direction of the Computer Aided Design industry
    in general and AutoCAD in particular, with a discussion of CAD history and future trends to come.
  • Article #5 – Coming Soon…..
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