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Corporate AutoCAD Training (“Boot Camp”)

Our flagship service is Corporate On-Site AutoCAD Training, commonly referred to in the tech industry as “Boot Camps”. As the military analogy implies, these are short but intense training classes that immerse your staff in AutoCAD for 1 to 5 days, at 8 to 9 hrs. per day. It is the ideal (and sometimes the only) way to enhance your workforce skills rapidly and effectively, as it is generally not practical to require your staff to attend evening or weekend classes to slowly acquire the knowledge when projects are awaiting completion.

Boot Camps are held at YOUR company office location, so it is a regular work day for your staff. A usage of a conference room is necessary, and typically clients arrange laptops around a conference table, with the instructor presenting lessons with a projector or whiteboard. Computer rentals are possible if needed for an extra cost, with most clients opting to use their own machines that are already set up and cleared by their IT dept. Review the information presented below and compare prices. You won’t find such a value in top-tier AutoCAD training anywhere! Contact us with any questions.

Details of “Boot Camp” training

  • Flexible classes for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days of training, as needed.
  • Up to 10 students per class; minimum 2. See “Private Boot Camp” below if only one employee requires tutoring.
  • Use your own computers and software, or we will provide rentals.
  • Custom designed topics geared toward your industry.
  • Apply what is learned to actual projects as part of training.
  • Weekend training available in some circumstances.
  • Extensive consultation (free of charge) is conducted prior to training to determine exact need and training approach.
  • “Private Boot Camp” is also available, in cases where only one employee requires training. This type of training/tutoring is usually held at employee’s work station, and is discounted an additional 10%. Limit 1 student.


AutoCAD Corporate On-Site Training (Boot Camps)

Costs and Expenses

1-Day of Training: $475 (up to 9 hrs. total)
Hourly, over 9 hrs/day: $50/hr.

2-Days of Training: $900 (up to 18 hrs. total)
5% discount applies. Hourly, over 9 hrs/day: $50/hr.

3-Days of Training: $1,280 (up to 27 hrs. total)
10% discount applies. Hourly, over 9 hrs/day: $50/hr.

4-Days of Training: $1,600 (up to 36 hrs. total)
15% discount applies. Hourly, over 9 hrs/day: $50/hr.

5-Days of Training: $1,900 (up to 45 hrs. total)
20% discount applies. Hourly, over 9 hrs/day: $50/hr.

Additional information:
1. The costs shown are for training in Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago. For training  outside of those metro areas, additional travel costs may be charged.
2. The costs of textbooks (if used) are not included, and may be purchased through Vertical Technologies with no markup, or independently through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc..
3. Computer rentals (if needed) are not included in the above. Rental arrangements are made via a 3rd party provider, billed at market rate, and can be done by the client or Vertical Technologies.
4. Due to extensive initial setup needed, half-day training is not possible. There is a 1-day minimum.

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