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Vertical Technologies Education & Training, part of the Vertical Technologies Consortium was started up in New York City in 2003 as Vertical Technologies Consulting & Design. Originally set up as a Sole Proprietorship by founder Elliot Gindis, the company was focused on drafting and electro-mechanical design work (the “Design” part of the name) and training, which emphasized custom AutoCAD solutions to specific design/manufacture problems (the “Consulting” part of the name). The goal was not just to train users in AutoCAD, but to optimize both the skills of the workforce and the application of the software. It was training that was highly customized to the specific needs of the customer and their industry, and never a “one-size-fits-all” approach.



The old Vertical Technologies Consulting & Design logo, used from 2003 to 2016.

The company was at first run just by Elliot, with several “go-to” local NYC AutoCAD experts to call upon if the workload exceeded availability. In 2004 Chris came on board, sharing the same philosophy of training and possessing the same skill set. With numerous short and long-term drafting/design clients during the day, the pair conducted evening and weekend classroom training at local universities, and ventured out, both locally and nationally, to conduct corporate boot camps on a regular basis.

This arrangement proved successful and beneficial to both classroom and corporate students alike as Elliot’s and Chris’s diverse experience gained in the workforce translated into the latest AutoCAD techniques (used just hours or days earlier) passed along to the students. This was not outdated knowledge from an “ivory tower”, but proven methods developed in the corporate world under pressure to deliver. What worked was kept, what didn’t was discarded. Along the way Elliot began to coalesce his AutoCAD experience into a textbook, and signed a publishing deal with Elsevier’s Science & Technology division in 2009.  

The company meanwhile continued on successfully, with several other AutoCAD instructors joining for a time, as well as Elliot relocating to Atlanta, GA for several years, and Chris taking over his New York City training responsibilities. In 2015 and 2016 there were some additional changes as Elliot relocated to the Los Angeles area, and Robert came on board as co-author of Elliot’s textbook and the third member of the company.

In 2017 and 2018 a major re-organization was undertaken as the business was revamped and expanded. Vertical Technologies Consortium was formed as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), an umbrella company under which three new divisions were added: Technical Staffing, Investing & Finance and Aeronautical Research & Development. Vertical Technologies Consulting & Design then became the fourth division, renamed to Vertical Technologies Education & Training to better reflect the core of the business and to consolidate/expand all textbook-related information in one place . The company continues today as the premiere source of AutoCAD knowledge for engineers, architects and designers from diverse industries.

What we offer our clients:

  • An agile and responsive small company that strives for customer satisfaction and to earn repeat business – calls/emails will be returned right away.
  • Knowledgeable trainers well-versed in all releases of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT (Release 14 to AutoCAD 2019), on all supported OS platforms.
  • Extensive experience with numerous sub-specialties within the broader fields of Architecture and Engineering, and how they use AutoCAD.
  • The ability to teach and explain AutoCAD concepts and show examples in ways that you will not find in the Help files or online searches.
  • Completely customized training, tailored to your business and unique situation; we listen to what you need first and foremost.

Take a look at our AutoCAD Training offerings (or the AutoCAD Textbook, if self-study is preferred) via the links here or above, and Contact us for further information.

The Vertical Technologies Education & Training team
Elliot J. Gindis
Chris C. Ramirez
Robert C. Kaebisch

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